Myths and Facts about Alkaline Water Benefits

Alkaline water has always been controversial because its benefits have never been completely proven although people have come up with many of them. To help you get a better understanding of alkaline water, we have analyzed the most popular myths and facts about alkaline water benefits to see which one is real.

How can you obtain alkaline water

Most people know that alkaline water can be bought from stores and few of them are aware that a device can offer them alkaline water at home at a lower cost. This device is called a water ionizer and it uses an advanced technology that runs regular tap water through some electroplates that add oxygen ions to the water. The water ionizer goes on the sink as is connected to the water faucet so it can transfer water from the water pipes to its electrolysis chamber and create alkaline water.

Alkaline water has a different pH

This is a fact and it’s the main difference between tap water and alkaline water and it’s due to the physics process the water goes through. pH is the potential hydrogen of water and it ranges from 1 to 14 with 7 for regular tap water and above 11 for alkaline water. Water with a lower pH is more acidic while water with a higher pH is more alkaline, hence the name.

Alkaline water is better than regular water

This can’t be considered a fact because no actual tests have proven whether or not alkaline water is better for drinking because no one has ever hydrated on alkaline water only. Most people drink regular tap water and they have managed to stay healthy as long as the water was pure and safe for drinking. The myth according to the superiority of alkaline water remains a myth as long as doctors don’t recommend it as the sole hydration source.

You can improve your health with alkaline water

Many things have been said about alkaline water’s health benefits and few have been proven. However, alternative health experts state that alkaline water is more beneficial to your health because it has a higher pH that can regulate your body’s acidic reflux. Given that alkaline water is less acidic, it can handle stomach acid better than regular water so it can minimize the gastric reflux.

Alkaline water can boost your energy level

This is a fact that has been proven by athletes who rely on alkaline water for increased endurance to physical effort. Many sports companies promote the use of alkaline water during workouts because it’s higher amounts of oxygen promote a deep hydration of the tissues and organs of your body. Being able to hydrate better makes you more resistant to exertion.

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