How to Take Better Care of Your Hair

Long, thick and beautiful hair is the result of an intense care routine that should be performed by every woman. As long as you know how to take care of your hair, it will grow longer and stronger and you will not have problems with it. Discover below some hair care secrets so you will be able to take better care of your hair with minimum effort and with simple methods.

Use a good flat iron

In case you have curly hair that requires straightening with a flat iron, make sure you use a quality one that protects your hair against heat damage. Choose a model with quality plates made of titanium or ceramic infused with tourmaline so the hair moisture will be kept inside the hair. Also, adjust the temperature according to the level of curl so you won’t exert your hair with a temperature that is too high.

Wash it properly

When you wash your hair, don’t use your nails to scratch the scalp because it will irritate it and an unhealthy scalp results in an unhealthy hair. Massage your scalp with your fingertips to improve blood circulation and your hair will look much healthier. Use a shampoo that fits your type of hair so it will add it all the necessary nutrition it lacks.

Rinse it with vinegar

Once you have finished washing it, your hair might feel bouncy and frizzy so you can use the apple cider vinegar for a quick rinse. Pour some vinegar in the water and apply it to your hair, leave it for 5 minutes then rinse with water to remove the apple cider vinegar smell.

Nourish the hair with olive oil

Nothing will nourish your hair as much as olive oil that has amazing properties that offer it plenty of beauty uses. If your hair is dry and the ends are split, apply some olive oil on the hair and it will work better than any other cosmetic treatment. Wash the hair after a couple of hours to get rid of the oily and heavy feeling.

Forget about hair loss

If you have hair fall problems, you can easily solve it with some natural remedies that promise to make wonders on your hair. First of all, you can use essential castor oil that is the best in fighting hair loss due to its hair growing properties. Mix castor oil with coconut or almond oil and apply it to the hair as a mask from roots to ends. Hot pepper tincture is also extremely effective in stopping hair fall because it stimulates the scalp to grow new and stronger hair.

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