Recommended Pillows for Allergy Sufferers

People suffering from allergies must carefully choose the objects that surround them because these can either ease or worsen their allergy symptoms. The pillow is one of those items that require maximum attention because it can become a thriving environment for allergens if you don’t choose wisely, which is why it’s best to check it’s ratings and see which one is the best allergen repellent. To help you create the safest and healthiest sleeping environment for you and your family, we have selected the best pillows recommended for allergy sufferers.

PharMeDoc Contour Cooling Gel Memory Foam Pillow

If you want to enjoy a restful sleep, you can always rely on the best cooling pillows to provide a comfortable sleep and our top choice is the PharMeDoc Contour with cooling gel. This pillow is not only very protective of your health but also highly comfortable due to the cooling gel technology that disperses heat and maintains a cool sleeping surface. The cooling gel and aloe vera interior is improved with a hypoallergenic and dust-resistant bamboo cover that can be washed in order to keep it clean. Thanks to the ergonomic shape, the pillow ensures a proper head posture that keeps the airways free for breathing.

Palmetto Selections Bamboo Pillow

You can ease your allergy by keeping dust mites away from your bed with this foam pillow covered in a hypoallergenic bamboo cover that repels dust mites and helps you get a better sleep. The price of this pillow is only $25 so you can say that quality is affordable. The bamboo cover stays cool on hot nights to prevent sweating that could attract dust while the shredded foam interior makes sure you are comfortable the entire night. The pillow is washing machine safe so you can easily clean it anytime you feel like.

Zinus Deluxe Ultima Memory Foam Shoulder Pillow

This pillow is another model recommended for allergy sufferers due to the interior microfiber fill that has been treated with a safe antibacterial substance to make sure no germs and bacteria stay in it. The exterior of this memory foam mattress is made of a nylon that can be washed in the washing machine to get rid of all the impurities that gather in time. The construction of this pillow was designed with comfort in mind and you can see it from the shredded memory foam filling to the interesting shape that suits side sleepers and offers better shoulder and neck support. This product comes in a set of two and the price for the set is $51.

Relax Home Life Bamboo Pillow

You can say goodbye to allergies caused by dust mites with this hypoallergenic pillow made of memory foam and covered in bamboo. If you prefer soft pillows that follow the contour of your head but down pillows worsen your allergies, this model is what you need for a comfortable sleep. The shredded memory foam interior is as soft as down and provides the necessary support whether you sleep on your back, stomach, or sides. Air circulates freely inside the foam so no impurities gather there and the bamboo cover keeps you cool while you sleep and prevents dust mites. This pillow comes in three sizes with prices starting at $29.

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